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PAKD Landscapes

Stop and smell the vectors

With the amount of crazy change happening on our planet, the PAKD team wanted to take some time to pay some vector respect to nature. Contrary to what some might think about creatives, we love prying ourselves away from our screens and immersing ourselves in nature.

Let's start by checking out the tutorial breaking down our approach in After Effects.

AE Tutorial


With this fun exploration we wanted to try and illustrate what it feels like to be poised on a dry, rocky clifftop, overlooking the sunset-painted pillars in Monument Valley, Arizona...

PAKD Landscapes Monument Valley take an afternoon walk through the snowy woods of northern Vermont...

PAKD Landscapes Vermont enjoy a lake sunset at your campsite in the lake region of eastern Maine...

PAKD Landscapes Maine

...or to pause on a summer hike through the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

PAKD Landscapes Pacific Northwest

We chose to frame these scenes with some condensed type because, frankly, we love image masks on wordmarks. They look pretty dope. And we hope they remind you to maybe pause on what you’re doing, step outside and smell the vectors. We live in a beautiful world, after all.

PAKD Landscapes Comp


Here's a look at what's included with the Illustrator package, available for download here.

PAKD Landscapes Package Preview

The Overlord plugin is available for purchase here. Swiss Knife is available for purchase via AE Scripts and Plugins, here.


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