Small but mighty.

The founders of PAKD Media have spent the last decade building in-house creative teams at various marketing and tech companies, fostering an environment where creatives could contribute unique solutions to cross-organizational problems.

Their vision of integrated creative services laid the foundation for PAKD Media. We're here to give those ethereal, way-far-off, "maybe next year" ideas a little push, and when the momentum kicks in, leverage our technical and creative proficiencies to make them a reality.

Our team consistently delivers collateral that performs. Together, we'll push against boundaries that you and your team may not even have known existed, and together we'll build a brand experience as focused as you are.

At PAKD, no idea is final and no design is complete. We believe the only perfect solution is the incessant pursuit of something bigger and bolder. That branding shouldn't just help our clients look better, but be better. That the goal shouldn't be to just "get it done", but to make it great.

So to all those naysayers out there who told you not to reinvent the wheel, we say dream big, because with PAKD on your team, we'll build content that's uniquely creative and tenaciously compelling.

❤️ - PAKD Media


PAKD Media's Founders

Andrew Hoag


Coding master, VFX wizard... call him what you want, he's a jack of all trades with a strong vision.

If he's not crushing projects for PAKD's clients, he's often adventuring with his pup Eevee, experimenting in the kitchen, or producing music.

Also has a one-eyed cat, Dylan. Dylan has been in music videos. Dylan has one eye. Dylan is friends with everyone. Dylan is cooler than Andrew.

Patrick Shea


Project management guru tellin' it like it is.

When given a third option, he will always select the third option. We've tested it. It's the third option. Every time. Well, unless there's a 4th or 5th option? He likes options.

Currently perfecting a pizza dough recipe he plans to have 'passed down through the generations'. It is damn good.


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